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Maserati 4200 Cambio Corsa, North Uist, Scotland. Deep protection by Valentine's Road 'n Track Carnauba wax

Just about the time I learned to walk I fell in love with my first car. They've been a passion ever since. I've owned a lot, from an awful Austin A40 to an amazing Ferrari F430, and I've enjoyed driving every single one

BUT to say I've enjoyed keeping them looking beautiful would be a lie. Polishing a car has never been a highlight of my day - although I'll admit to a glow of satisfaction when it's over and one stands back and admires a gleaming piece of automotive art.

So, some years ago, fed up with the tedious business of keeping various cars gleaming in an environment where mud and 'moo cows' are the downside of idyllic country living, I set out to find the best car polish in the world. It would be quick and easy to use. It would leave a tough, dirt-resistant coating and a deep, gleaming concours finish which would last for a reasonable length of time in everyday road conditions - my cars enjoy an active life.

I tried a LOT of polishes but nothing satisfied. Most were ridiculously hard work, left powdery deposits and gave only a thin sort of shine which didn't last or provide much protection against traffic film, cows and mud.

I made one, perhaps unsurprising, discovery: you pay for quality. Costly, carnauba-rich waxes are the best thing you can put on your car. No argument - they give a vastly superior finish. But something was still missing. Even the most expensive wax that I tried had shortcomings. Unfortunately, I'm a perfectionist, so I decided to investigate creating my very own car wax.

I talked to paint technologists, classic and luxury car owners,  physicists who specialise in atomic level surface analysis and specialist detailers who prepare cars for international motor shows. I also found a company in England that know a very great deal about wax - they've been blending speciality waxes since 1914. So I asked them to work with me. Their traditional values and respect for quality, today's technology and my bloody-minded perfectionism would together create the very best car wax in the world.

And that, I believe, is exactly what we have achieved - twice over!

Our waxes do not contain any abrasives.They are safe and equally effective on all makes of car, colours of paint and types of finish including clear-coats. And that superb gloss and protection lasts and lasts - not for ever, of course, but for very much longer than anything else I've ever used.

Valentine's Concours Carnauba wax
 The finest automobile wax available. It's hand-blended and hand-poured. It goes on incredibly easily and polishes off like a dream. It produces the deepest, wettest, most lustrous gloss. It works, quite simply, by putting a tough, incredibly reflective coating of better than 80% natural Premium Number 1 Yellow Carnauba wax on the surface of the paintwork, without interfering or reacting with that paintwork.

If you want the perfect wax for your classic car or modern Audi, Aston Martin, BMW or Bentley, Fiat, Ferrari, MG, Mercedes, Porsche, Rolls-Royce or ... Trabant, this is the wax for you. Concours. I believe you'll love it just as much as I do.

Valentine's Road 'n Track Carnauba wax
This is a superb wax for everyday use. Road 'n Track Carnauba offers all the benefits of our famous Concours - including the extremely high carnauba content. But this wax has been designed to last longer in tough conditions. Best of all, the new formula allows us to market this exceptional wax at a surprisingly affordable price.

AND that's about it, other than to say that, used correctly, Valentine's Carnauba waxes will make your car look absolutely stunning. That's a promise.

Best wishes,
Patrick Baird

Valentine & Co


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Perfect car wax for this Ferrari F430 - Valentine's Concours Carnauba

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