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Valentine & Co - Finest carnauba wax polish for cars
Picture copyright: Patrick Baird. Valentine & Co Ltd
Absolutely Brilliant!
by Phil Wrigley - Head Detailer for William Loughran Cars 
03 Jul 2009
Ultimate Finish

"I was using 2 other leading high end carnauba waxes when Ultimate Finish sent me a box of Valentine Wax to try. I was blown away, fully expecting it not to live up to the two I was already using. It is so very easy to use, simply wipe it on and wipe it off. The detailing brush is very good - it's not too soft so it's very effective at removing excess wax from awkward spots, and the supplied micro fibre cloths are some of the softest you will find. It's worth every penny and comes beautifully presented. To date this wax has been used on a Bugatti Veyron, Ferrari F40, and an Enzo to name but a few moderns. Valentines is equally as good on old classic cars with cellulose paint. Again, a couple of coats gives amazing results. Try it - you will not be disappointed!"


Picture: copyright Ian Parkinson
--------Original Message-----
From: Ian Parkinson, Mirrorshine Mobile Valet Service
Sent: 04 May 2009 11:22
To: pb@valentineswax.com
Subject: RE: First Order

Well, only managed to do my personal car yesterday, but can I say WOW!... what a product you have there. What I will say is this, my own car usually has a great shine as its my advertisement for my business, but your Wax has added something extra. there seems to be an incredible new depth to the paint and the shine...
paint was initial preped with Carlack paint cleanse so these pictures are from your wax only.. in addition to this the car was given a very strong wash mixture before hand to really remove the other wax layers. The ease in which the wax is applied and removed is fantastic, and did I mention the depth and shine?

Over the moon with it to be honest Patrick, very pleased indeed.. the second car should be getting valeted tomorrow so I will forward some shots of that one also.

Ps, Depth and shine...? Superb.

Picture is not of the customer's car
-----Original Message-----
From: B.I.
Sent: 21 April 2009 07:58
To: pb@valentineswax.com
Subject: Re: Feedback on wax

Hello Mr Baird

I have now given my Porsche Cayman two applications of your excellent wax treatment. I followed your application instructions implicitly, and the results are quite simply stunning. The wax is extremely easy to apply and polish off. It leaves absolutely no powdery residue at all. Subsequent washing with a premium car wash conditioner is a very satisfying task leaving excellent beading of the water on the bodywork after rinsing.
All-in-all superb!

I may add that I am no youngster, I have over 40 years experience of car ownership and have used just about every brand of premium car wax polish available. Valentines Carnauba Wax is the best product by far that I have used in my wide experience of car care products. I wholeheartedly recommend your product to all car care enthusiasts.

Best Regards
Nairn, Scotland

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