Natural habitat for a Ferrari? Oh yes! This F430 Spider is protected by Valentine's Concours Carnauba wax

... tough carnauba waxes for the real world

The world's a harsh place if you're a car. Mud splatters you. Rain falls on you. Trees drip sap. Even the sun's your enemy, pouring UV rays on your tender paintwork. Then there's man-made pollution, traffic film, acid rain, tar, bird lime....  We could go on but it's depressing.

Fortunately, there's Valentine's Concours and now Valentine's Road and Track luxurious carnauba wax pastes with better than 80% carnauba content *. They're designed to protect and preserve your investment.

The Ferrari in the picture lives in the country. Unsurprisingly, it's wearing Valentine's wax. That means its bodywork is protected with a deep, tough coat of long-lasting carnauba wax, nature's toughest wax. Harder than concrete. Able to withstand tropical temperatures or an Arctic winter. Shrugging off dirt and pollution. The deepest, wettest, most lustrous gloss finish you've ever seen. We'll bet on that. We believe Valentine's are the finest car waxes in the world and we back that with a money-back guarantee. Try them for yourself? Click to order

Valentine & Co - Finest carnauba wax protection for cars

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