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 Natural beauty: Flakes of raw No 1 Grade Premium Yellow Carnauba Wax
Flakes of raw No 1 Grade Premium Yellow Carnauba Wax

Carnauba wax comes from the carnauba palm (Copernicia prunifera) found mainly in north east Brazil. The wax is natures' way of protecting the palm's leaves against UV light, heat, insects and water-loss. A completely natural product, carnauba wax has long been used in cosmetics, confectionary, furniture polish and the highest quality automobile wax polishes.

Carnauba is the hardest natural wax - harder than concrete in its pure form. It has a high melting point and provides a very high level of surface reflectance. It is harvested by cutting the palm's fronds, allowing them to dry then flailing them to separate the flakes of wax. No chemicals are used in the process. The highest grade is Premium No 1 Yellow - which we use in our product.

To make
Valentine's Concours Carnauba we gently heat the carnauba wax flakes with small amounts of natural ... well, that's our secret. Unlike many automobile polishes, our product contains no abrasives whatever. It will not scratch or react with paintwork or clear coats. It protects your car's finish quite simply by providing a very tough coating which resists dirt and pollutants, reflects UV radiation and seals the paint finish from moisture and corrosives.

Valentine's Concours Carnauba Wax is not a paint cleaner. If your car's paintwork is dull and dirty, our wax will make only a small improvement. Your paintwork must be really clean before applying the wax. See Car waxing and polishing tips for full details.

Our wax finish lasts and lasts - but that doesn't mean forever. Depending on your car's usage, the finish will dull slightly with time. A car used every day in normal conditions will generally require washing once per week and re-waxing perhaps every six to eight weeks. The finish on cars used infrequently, such as classic, concours or competition vehicles will, of course, last very much longer. Because our wax is extremely easy to apply, re-waxing is no chore!

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